Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Smaller 3D Printed Gimbal Case

After my first cheap gimbal controller and the hassle I had getting firmware (Had to get a hacked HEX) and then getting a GUI to tune it took more time than the actual setup. Once I did have all the right software it was relativity easy.  But I wanted a simpler way.

Just after I had finished my 3D printed anti jello system Hobbyking released this, a Micro AlexMos BGC
So I ordered one and waited the required 3-4 weeks it take to make its way here.

As you can see from the photo below it is considerably smaller, both the controller and the IMU from the normal size controller.

It was time to modify and design a new case.

The first thing I did was change the roll motor mount. I moved the motor back about 10mm. I wanted the whole gimbal closer to the quads CG. 

Once that was done it was onto the actual controller case. After some tinkering in tinkercad I had my first version complete ready for testing. 

The Motor mount and the case are just superglued together. This makes it easier to print and faster.

I also modified the gimbal arm for this version as the first version I am currently using warped a fraction by the roll mount. So I added some bracing to strength that up.

Full test mock up trying to fit everything in. The extra wire lengths were the main part to try and hide. I did want to do any cutting just yet until I have proven it would all work.

After a couple more tries I printed a slightly longer case to give me more room to pack everything away in the controller case.

I also had to print another Gopro holder with a different IMU holder as its considerably smaller. 

Overall the the final gimbal setup is about 20% smaller, When on the FLIP quad the battery is about 20mm closer to the center which makes for a more compact look. I will update with weight reduction and final shots of it on the quad.