Wednesday, August 26, 2015

ShenDrone Tweaker 180 Build

This is my first iteration of the Tweaker 180

After see all the hype over the smaller 150-180mm sized frames I started doing my research as I felt I "needed" one. After doing a fair bit of googling and forum surfing I decided on a ShenDrone 180mm Tweaker.

I reached out to Andy Shen and asked about international shipping. Andy was really good and got me a good deal and the purchase was made.

Thank Andy for going the extra mile with the customer service, considering how popular and busy you must have been.

So this is the current plan.

Tweaker 180 frame (4mm for future proofing)
DragonFly 1306 3100kv motors / DYS1306 3100kvs
GM4045 - 4045BM
1000-1500 3s lipos

RCTimer ELGAE 32Channel VTX Camera combo

Thats pretty straight forward, And should be a heap of fun considering I am still a learner FPV flyer.

The next part was what to use for ESCs, I didn't really have any "spare" small ESCs, So I reluctantly decide to strip my Raven 234mm acro frame and use the ESC and Naze32 combo from there.

Raven Build here

I wanted to rebuild and use different ESCs on that acro frame anyway .... I will keep telling myself that anyway.

This first build will also have DYS1806s as I had them spare until I get my 1306s, I really could not wait and wanted to get it airborne.

As you can see the frame is small even against the 234mm Raven acro frame. I was wondering how I was going to fit everything in.

First stage was to strip down the Raven

 All parts extracted

I test fitted the 4-1ESC and the Naze32 Deluxe.

I used blue standoffs ... just to be different from the gold, I test fitted some of the spare 1806s

The compact nature of the ESC and the stackable 3D printed plates makes for a very low profile. But that even looks big in the 180.

All 4 motors on and a test fit with 4045s

Next I designed a rear XT60 and light bumper that slides over the standoffs, and printed it off in ABS.

The XT60 snaps in and then I will just hot glue it in place.

Next up was the Camera mount and cables, I also designed a 20degree camera mount for the RCTimer camera from the cheap combo that I got (refer parts list above). I then made a custom cable so I could easily swap the camera if required. I just used a servo extender cable and cut it to length and solder on the camera plug.

Already to go. The camera mount uses a rubber band just to hold the camera in a crash. Its a snug fit in the case, so just a secondary precaution. 

Next was the other half of the cable from the VTX to the camera and power. Same process, the other half of the servo cable was used and soldered up.

Here is the VTV & camera all mounted. I wanted it all to be part of the top plate so it was easy to remove all and do maintenance if required. And I swap this around a lot so like everything modular.

Next up was so re-solder the XT60 on with some additional power leads, One for the VTX and the other for the rear LEDs that go on the light-bar.

Top plate all finished including the JST for power. The ET200 was covered in heat shrink and I used a  right angle RP-SMA connector up through the top plate to help protect the VTX in crashes. The VTX was zip tied in place.

All wired up ready to go

Look how big the Clover leaf antenna looks compared to the frame.

I also printed up some feet to protect the frame as I fly over tarmac a lot and want to protect this beautiful frame.

Next Steps

Flying and tuning, but Im not going to get to carried away until I have my 1306s

3D Files.

Here is the link to the 3D file for the rear bumper and the camera mount. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

FreebirdRC Raven 234 : UPDATE

After a bad crash with the Raven I decided to purchase a new FC and 4-1 esc to try and make a tidy cleaner build. 

I went for the following :


Flight Controller

In the meantime I made up a HK250 frame with the old running gear that I promptly crashed and broke .... not happy. In doing so I damaged the 1806 motors so the Raven will have 2204s to stanf up to the crashes better.

Here is the mock up of the frame with 2204 Emax motors and 6045 props

Finally after 7 week wait the parts arrived. First job was to solder up the ESC. I used bullet connectors as I change things often and wanted the ability to change a motor out if required in the field. The soldering was a little tricky as the pads are small. 

The next challenge was that the ESC did not have a lot of space around the mounting holes and the used of nylon nuts didn't work. So I designed and printed spacer plates. This allowed for a slim design and easy mounting.

Then I did the same for the Naze32 Delux, This made the stacking and mounting of both boards very easy. I took a few prints and design changes to get it right. It now works really well.

ESC Stack.

FC Plate sits on top and holds the ESC firmly in place.

Then the FC sits on top of that plate.

Next I had to make the custom length cable and loin the one form the ESC to the Naze32 Delux. It took a while and a lot of double checks to make sure I had the wires match up correctly as the documentation was poor. 

All done ready to go

With the main power cable I used my XT60 plug holder and routed the wires through the frame. SO in crashes when the battery rips off there in no change it can damage the ESC.

Next my custom cable was routed through the top plate and hot glued so that the wires could not move to stop any change of the carbon fiber cutting the insulation on the wires.

All mounted and wired up ready for the rest of the hardware.

Here you can see the two plates stacked together and the wiring.

Starting to look tider

The D4RII is zip tided to the top plate. The full center stack is lower than the prop nuts so protected in a crash.

The final build, next up tuning.

Pretty happy with final build and AUW. I an currently flying 3s and still learning more advanced acro flying and tricks, Once I get more comfortable I plan to move up to a 4s.