Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So after trying a quadcopter I decided to try a hexacopter. I ordered a frame from RCTimer so I could use the same arms from the quad. That way I ended up with alot of spares.

The hex is considerably larger than the quad and heavier. Below shows the center plates beside the quadcopter.

Next I disassembled the quadcopter and started moving the parts over.

Old arms and new arms connected up to the bottom plate.

 Homemade power harness.

Wooden spacers on the bottom plate to hide the power harness and provide stable landing gear and somewhere to mount the camera.

Landing gear attached with double sided tape.

All done ready for first flights

So after a couple of flights. I found due to the weight that the flight time as short 5-6minutes on a single 2200. compared to the quad which got 8-9min. Sure there was better stability, But I wasn't getting any better video form it than the quad. So until I can afford larger motors and batteries I will stick with the quad. .... But having said that If I was able to make a light version then that would be a different story. 

I plan to purchase a gimbal soon and that may push me back to the hex for video.