Monday, August 18, 2014

Flip success ....

So my main aim with the OPQ frame was to learn acro with it. Acro to me means a lot of learning and crashes.

So today I started the process, The NAZE32 sure makes it easier. After I watched a couple of youtube videos to get the basic idea down and set the NAZE32 up with higher RC rate and horizontal flight mode I though I was set.

Ok so the first back flip with plenty of height was a bail, then the next attempt was a big loop but successful. So after about ten successful backflips I tried a side flip..... hmm not so successful. Big crash ... but little damage, pancaked flat. So I moved to a larger practice area. More success and I tried to make the loops tighter. I was able to do back, front, side flips. Then I got cocky and went for a double ....... hmmm mistake considering my skill level is still nil.

End result was a beat up quad. But the OPQ frame was fine. Just props and the 3D printed battery holder. I am in the process of redesigning the battery holder to be much simpler & hopefully stronger!!

Here are some photos of the damage.

Overall I was pretty happy as I looped the thing.... next I better order more props :0