Tuesday, August 26, 2014

3D printed battery holder & land gear for Fortis Tricopter

The next multi-rotor in my collection to get a little 3D printing love is the Fortis Tricopter. I love this frame. But I had issues with getting jello free video with the Mobius camera.

I wanted to have really clean lines with central battery holder and protector that could also function as landing gear.  While I was in the process of updating I also dropped in a Naze32 board.

Naze32 in a 3D printed case mounted via 3M double sided tape.

I used the mounting holes on the Fortis frame as the mount points for my anti jello system. It was a simple case of altering the holes and printing a pair. I first started with bottom plates that I had left over. This soon changed as I integrated the battery holder and legs into the design.

New mounts bolted to the frame.

A couple of test fits with the older base mounts.

Both the gimbal and the static mounts were tested. At this point I decided to change the bottom  mount to the integrated battery holder legs. That way I could also remove the legs from the tricopters legs. The new design also provided some protection to the camera/gimbal on hard landings that usually broke the zip-tied landing gear.

The new design had supported base plate and a battery tray for the zippy 3700s. I also printed a Velcro strap battery holder as the battery fastening system.

Here is the first design mounted ready for testing.

The design worked really well,  It gives the tricopter a nice thin profile which I like. Very stable landing gear platform and provides a good platform for video.

I plan to do some test video soon. But at the moment I am too busy crashing my new flipping quad.