Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quadcopter build : Plan C

With some nice calm days I was able to get outside and do the maiden flight of the Quadcopter. Flight is a very loose term for what actually occurred  I had a couple of good flights, but also a couple of really decent crashes when I tried to run before learning to walk. 

The Quad frame stood up well to the abuse, the zip ties did their job and reduced the damage. But after a while I though that I should try and save this frame for FPV and learn on a cheaper frame. 

So I transfered all the gear off the BlueskyRC frame to the RCtimer quad frame that came with the motors and ESC, it only took aout 30min.  

RCTimer frame all set, I also put the helicopter landing gear on the frame to help with "heavy" landings.  

The battered BlueSkyRC frame now stripped down ready for new booms and a pilot who can fly :)