Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Painting the front guards

While in the garage working on my new "small" winter project I have also been chipping away at the job I hate the most ...painting.

The rear mounts are 95% complete, So I started on the front mounts. These were a complete nightmare to wire brush to get rid of the surface rust. Once I did that they got a coat of black hammerlite and then a sand and coat of zinc grey. 

While I was brushing away with the hammerlite the seat subframe also came in for a coat of paint.

 Left guard drying,

All done ready for top coats.

Next up were the underside mounts, they got a good coat of hammerlite. The fiberglass guard also got a coat of the final satin black. 

All bolted together ready for the top coats.

That has take over 2 weeks of even work to get to this stage. Its rough, but should be well rust proof.