Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Radiator respray and mounting

My current plan is to slowly work front to back and finish off all the little jobs that I haven't done in fabrication. All those little jobs that I either forgot or didn't realise I hadn't done.

The first part of that was the brake lines and the soft line mounts. Next was the poor old radiator. It was looking very second hand, it needed a good spruce up. I saw my neighbour out water blasting / clean his car so asked if I could use if for a couple of minutes and blasted the radiator down to get is good and clean.

I then left it in the sun to dry.

After I had let it dry for a good couple of hours I gave it a quick spray with high temp paint. Now it said black on the can, true it was black, but it was a brown black and when I put it against the chassis paint it really stood out. So the next day I went and got another brand of high temp paint and resprayed.

Check out the high tech spray booth. the end result was much better and a closer match to my super fantastic brush paint job on the chassis :)

While I was in the painting mood and stinking out the house I gave the front body sub frame a once over with the anti-rust paint.

The next night I mounted the freshly painted radiator. After a bit of a struggle I got it mounted. the issue was that the bottom radiator hose is a close fit against the cross member. I had to put the hose on first and then "encouraged" the radiator to line up with the mount bolt holes.

After I finally got the radiator mounted I then started to look at the clutch line, I spend the better part of two hours trying to figure it where to mount it and then bending the old tube to fit. I will need to make a number of bracket to mount the clutch hard line.

I also tidied up the left brake line and added some extra hard mount points. That concludes last nights progress.