Monday, October 18, 2010

Brake front softline mounts

With the progress over the weekend I realised that I need to create some mounts for the front soft brake lines. After a quick noodle and hunt for something suitable, a section of 25mm square 2mm box was decided upon.

I cut a section off, then cut into two.

Marked out both the holes, one 6.5mm for mounting to the chassis, and the other 10.5mm for the brake line. After some filing and corner rounding they were ready for a test mount.

I drill in to my nice newly finished paint, a 6.5mm hole drilled to mount the little brackets.

Test fit, the hard lines had to be fiddled with to get a good fit.

Both lines mocked up.

So after the mock up I bolted them in place tight using 6mm hex key bolts and nylon nuts, then I gave them a quick paint.
While I has the paint out i took off the steering stop and gave them a once over as well.
The plan is to work front to back and find and finish the little fab / chassis jobs that I my have missed. Once they are all done it will be onto the body.