Sunday, October 17, 2010

Its going back together...

There was a fair amount of progress over the weekend, a couple of hours each night after the girls were in bed. Friday night was finishing off the painting, It came out OK, Nothing flash ... but good enough to get going if I want to be on the road this summer.

Saturday Night: I spent a couple of hours putting the brake system back in place. All the mounts have been painted and I had all the new nuts & bots ready to go. First up was the rear T joint mounted to the bracket.


Bolted back on to the diff and the hard lines re-plumbed.

Next up was the proportioning valve which goes in line between the master and the rear brakes.

All bolted into its final spot


Next was to mount the brake master / booster to the newly shortened and painted mounting bracket.
Here is is all bolted up. Note the center mounting bolt is on place already, otherwise there is not way to get it in there.


Before putting the Brake master in, I re-plumbed the front right hard line.


Master / Booster all bolted up with new bolts and nylon nuts.

That was it for Saturday Night


Sunday Night: Mounted the steering box. Hopefully for the final time. New high tensile nut and bolts used.  



Carrier bearing and first part of the steering in place. Next I spent time re-plumbing the left hand hard lines and fuel lines.

I then spend some frustrating time getting the shocks back in place, the left hand side was a complete arse to do as I had to not only line the shock up in the mount, but also the stabilization arm. So after some swearing I finally got the left shock remounted. The right hand side was a breeze..

So, chassis paint 98% finished, will run around with the paint once everything is buttoned down. brake hard lines 90% done, just need a few more mounts for the front soft lines. battery box, Brake master / booster back in.

After all that I really needed to make sure that there was still a big old lump of V8 underneath that plastic cover. Yip shes still there .... waiting to get fired up and go.


Front right corner, Steering box, shock, brake line.

Brake booster / master and the battery box in there final homes.

Rattyt in all her current glory.