Thursday, June 27, 2013

Plan XV : The homebuilt VTail quad .... the beginning

This Quad thing is addictive ....

After the making the fiberglass sheet with reasonable success the next step was to start working out the mapping out the frame design.

The main measurement is the space between the ends of the VTail booms need to be 120mm. That is the only thing that I have to get correct, otherwise I will have prop clash.

I am using stock 12mm diameter ally tube with 1mm wall thickness. Base n the drawing I had done previously I cut 3 250mm lengths.

I am using the 110x65 plates I had made and cut earlier.  The plates will be held together with 12mm nylon standoffs ... and zip-ties.

The basic parts ready for building.

First mockup to get the general locations of everything.

Drawing out reference lines as the plates are not square from the cutting process so had to measure everything from a center line.

The first holes drilled were to space the rear boom at the correct angle.

Standoffs inplace showing how they are placed and holding the booms out. (This was later changed)

The plated taped together to transfer the holes to match on the second plate.

First full bolt down, I had to change how I held the from of the booms in the plate as the way I had planned didn't work.  I changed it to have three standoffs holding holding the front of the rear booms on place.

here you can see the three standoffs for each boom holding the front in place.

The front boom after trying may different ways is held in place with bolts. You will notice the blue zip tie at the rear of the fiberglass plates. This is there to hold the booms against the rear standoffs and to stop the rear booms from splaying

The underside plate with 20mm stand offs, there will be another plate that will house the Q-Brain ESC and have the helicopter landing gear mounted to it. The battery will be strapped to the bottom of that plate.  

I now have to wait for the additional motors (SK3 1275kv, same as the small Quad) and the motor mounts that I got from ebay that fit 12mm tube before I can finish the build.