Saturday, September 15, 2012

Front guards : Part one

While waiting on the transmission tunnel to cure I started on the very last major fabrication piece, I hope ! the front guards. In New Zealand unless you have a fender exemption your hotrod needs to have guards. I dont have my fender exemption yet, so I need to run with guards. I have completed the rears and now needed to start on the front.

I got some fiber glass ones molded from the steel guards thatI have made, the rears are all steel. I wanted the fronts to be as light as possiable due to the vibrations that they would experience and light weight would help with not having to have a huge mounting system. Well that was the theory.

The shot below shows what the old guards were like and the new unmounted fiber glass guard.

So after sitting and pondering what I wanted to do, I came up with a plan. Of course I had to use what I had in the way of materials, so the trusty 25mm box section was used. I was going able to reuse the mounts that the old guards used. So I just had to come up with the mounting design. 

Same as the rear I wanted the guards to go on and come off easily, had to be a little differnet to what others had done.

So on with the show, I first cut 12 sections with angled ends, when pieced together they start to form a circle. The circle radius is close to the internal rim radius of the front tires.

Here's one welded up and the first mount also welded on. The mount was cut out of the old guard mounts. I have to reuse what I have.

Test fitting. 

Once happy with how this was heading as a design, I welded up both mounts.

Over the weekend I was able to get out and cut one of the front steel guards up. I wanted the steel strips so that they would match the rear in design elements.  It took for ever to cut the strips and went through 6 cutting blades.

The cut steel strip over the fiberglass guard.

I also took the chance to clean up the mounts. That was it for the weekend.