Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fiber-glassing : Trans tunnel part two

After completing the top side of the transmission tunnel and letting it cure for a couple of days it was time to tackle the bottom. First I had to remove the foam board. This was done with a chisel, then some time outside with a power sander to firstly get rid of the foam board and smooth the edges out.


Already for the bottom layer of glass. This additional layer should increase the glass layers to 6-7 and should make it super strong as well as helping with the structural strength of the cabin.

First layers of glassing done.

Once cured taken outside and trimmed and sanded, covered holes re-drilled and all the underside tidied up. Now I'm not sure if you are supposed to do this but once the clean up was done I did a covering of epoxy resin to smooth and seal everything up.

Final shot of the under side. Pretty darn happy with the result since this is my first time fiber-glassing on this scale.  Now I'm thinking of all the other "things" that need glassing.