Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Front guard : Part two

Before I could continue with the guards I had to tap out the existing holes with a larger metric diameter. So after tracking down and purchasing a 8mm tap the two existing holes were re-tapped. Once this was done the downward mount could be bolted on to test fit and find were it needed to be welded to the main mount.

Down mount bolted on and the tack welded while in place.

Mounts taken off and fully welded. I did both at the same time.

Finished base mount welded up and bolted on.

Spacers taped on to the tire to get the guard to sit at the correct ride height so I can start to figure out the rest of the mounting system.

So here is the master plan, 12mm rods coming out of the newly created main mount, that the steel strip and fiberglass guard will be mounted to. Below shows the first one.

The debate I'm having is do I need more than three. I don't think I do.

The next big issue I have to sort is how to best mount the guards to the 12mm rods, stay tuned.....