Sunday, September 9, 2012


After a little break and gathering some much need dollar resources for the next phase of the build we are ready to start the fiber glassing. I went all out and got a 4litre and pumps. I didn't know how much I would need and was pretty sure that once I had it and played with it I would find other uses for it.

My first little project with the fiber-glassing was to make a firewall recess for the steering universal. I used some left over mashey from a kids project. It created teh perfect dome shape for this first attempt at fiber-glassing.  

I have never done fiber-glassing before so this was a trial by fire.

After a bit of playing around and learning as I went got a good 3-4 layers of glass over the dome. It was a good learning curve and I learned what worked best. The completed dome waiting to cure.

After leaving it for 12hr, not fully cured, and still soft enough to cut I cut the dome out.

I then tested fitted the steering subframe in and market where it fitted and cut the hole in the dome. I then marked out the size of the hole needing to be cut out, I forgot to photograph that part.

The dome all taped in ready for body filler and then fiber-glassing.

View from the firewall before and after body filler to smooth the joins.

The body filler sanded back and corner edges smoothed out ready for fiber-glassing.

First layers of glassing complete.

Shot of the "man" space with all the work in progress.


The next day I tackled the bigger job of the transmission tunnel. Earlier I had mocked up using foam board. I then also used body filler to smooth out the intersections to reduce the sharp corners to make it easier for glassing.

The plan was to fiberglass the topside with 3-4 layers, then sand out the back/bottom and glass that side.

After a couple hours of work the final top layer of glassing complete.

So that completed stage one of finishing the cabin.