Thursday, July 12, 2012

Seat continued

A fine day, so with D2 (Daughter Number2) having an assigned nap ... time to get some work done. Next step is to make the seat base, Now on my trusty trailer wood working table I marked out on 18mm marine plywood the base, using the skill saw the base was cut out in quick fashion.

Sitting in its new home. 

Next was to make the seat front. After some mucking around and jigsawing a 8mm plywood the front was made, had to have cut outs for the gear selector and hand brake cables. 

The wood working area is a little messy now.

Almost as messy as the actual garage.

The finished seat parts, Sub-frame, base and front plate.

Next job is to mount the base to the frame, not sure what they are called but got "wood claws"

Bolts and "wood claws"

This view shows the front over hang of the base over the sub-frame.

Mounting holes drilled and the "claws" hammered in.

All bolted up and a test fit .......... Shit!! the front center mount it hitting the gear selector.

Revision 2, front mount moved back 50mm.... fixed... A job is worth doing twice.

After some consideration I was a little worried that the hand brake may not be ridge enough, So I added some angle between the cable mount and hand brake.... extra strong now. 

All welded up ready for clear up.

A good days work completed.