Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brake adapter plate

One of the last items on the List from the Certifier was to have a adapter plate between the new brake booster and the older master cylinder.

I didn't have any means of milling a plate form steel or nylon so I decided to make my own by using epoxy putty. Its a two part putty that you kneed together and it sets like rock and can be filed, sanded, drilled and painted. Since the plate is not for strength, but for mounting support and just under compression it should be ideal.

The issue is that it sticks like sh@t to anything so I had to make sure that the contact surfaces were protected from the epoxy for fear of it sticking the whole assembely together.

The gap that the adapter has to fill, as you an see the biggest challenge is that its angled.

Preping the master cylinder so the epoxy wont stick to it.

I made a plate out of the foam board to use for the initial template, this allowed for easy access to to form the plate at the right angle. I didn't have time to take a photo of that process as the epoxy hardens quickly.

Basically I kneed up the putty and with the use of the foam template form up the plate at the right angle and made sure it covered the full area of the master cylinder mounting flange. Once it was shaped and the epoxy started to go off I put the master cylinder and booster together to make sure of the fit.


I separated it to make sure no epoxy was bonded to the different parts. Then I bolted it together to apply pressure before it fully cured to get a perfect fit. I will tidy up the excess that was squashed out.


The plate 90% cured, Left over night ready for cleanup filling, removing the monofoil and painting.

Job done, rough and ready but will work.