Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seat continued & rear guards

Continued work on the seat, I bolted everything on and checked the clearances again. All good this time.

Next was to look for foam for the seat, Luckily a shop called ParaRubber had everything I needed. The foam is upultory grade 100m. I didnt have the excat size so just got rough the right size. The smaller piece is 75mm and is for the back.

The final job on the seat frame was to drill out the front mount holes.

Now that the seat frame was complete I could work on the final mount points for the rear guards. One issue I ran into was that since the test fitting and mucking around I forgot to check the clearances of the diagonal rails I put in the seat frame. When the guard mounts are in place they hit those rails. So I had to cut notches into the rails, not biggy but another job ....

Put the guards together and buttoned them up, as I now need to do the internal mount points. The hole through the floor had already been done when mocking up the guards.

Shot of the interior with all the part in-place.


Later in the evening it was time to tackle the seat. I was just going to use my mexican rug, but it was just a fraction to small and I was worried that if I did just have that and it got wet... likely living in Christchurch that I would be a real pain to get dry. So I got some plan old black vinyl to cover the foam first and then Ill make the mexian rug into a throw over the top. So if it does get wet its easy to take off and dry and the foam will stay dry.

I marked out the foam and them took it back to ParaRubber to get cut, far easier them me trying to cut it without the right tools.


Test fitting of the vinyl and trying to figure out how best to do it without sewing.

No turning back now, all cut ready for gluing and stretching.

Front edge done first.

Tabs cut out ot make the corners easier


All done glued and stretched, corners done best i could, Its only to keep the foam dry.

Test fit, its sure is comfy, if alittle to high, but I'm sure my fat arse will compact it over time.