Sunday, July 6, 2014

SOLD !!!! :(

After a lot of soul searching and consignation the T-bucket was sold. This was due to changing circumstances and the need to help support my daughters wonderful opportunity to be involved in an international music in another city (Not an option in Christchurch since the Earthquakes) We as a family had to move cities for 7 weeks. This was not a small undertaking and a costly exercise. So something had to give, unfortunately it was the T-Bucket. But the great thing is that it provided my daughter and the family a wonderful experience. Another plus I can take from the sale is that it went to a great family, 3 generations completing it as a Grandfather, Son & Grandson project.

The other positive was that there was some $$ left over that allowed me to get a second hand 3D printer which has been great for the mulit-rotors. Go check out progress of those at

So far 6+ years of time, energy and blood sweat and tears the project that was so close to getting finished has now moved on. A sad day.