Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HK330 Quadcopter slim down and lights

The little HK 330 running Turnigy SK3 1275kv motors had become my got to fun learn, practice quad. After I added some extra safety for hard landing I have not had another breakage.

But I want to slim it down and see if I could make it littler and lower profile that it currently is.

The first step to that was to try and eliminate the use of the click-clak platic box on top of the frame and relocate the KK2 board. But I still needed protection for the KK2.

After some fiddling around I found that enough room to double-sided and velcro the KK2 to the top of the Q-Brain in the middle of the frame. However I still wanted to be able to programme and change settings if required.

So I cut out the center part of the top plate, I don't think it will impact the strength a great deal, but we will find out in time and usage.

Center plate was cut with a hacksaw blade and the filed smooth.

After the KK2 board was velcroed in and the top plate screwed back on I now have a very slime low profile Quad.

Next up is the lighting, as I have to some flying in the evening clam, ie after kids in bed I got the following addition lights from hobbyking.

The police bar is very cool, you have different modes and you have blue / red on one side and yellow the other. I wired it all up and make a power harness to use one of the receiver channels to power it.

I also made this little harness to power the other additional light I will be adding. Since the receiver is only 6 channel I was running out of channels. So this has signal to got to the KK2 board for channel 5 (Arco / stabilised modes) and the positive / negative go the the 5v LED array. 

Over all the little KH330 Quad in how a much slimmer profile and lighter.

UPDATE : I re-added the heli legs minus the practice golf balls to provide protection to the battery.