Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rear Fenders continued

So after much pondering I decided to use the box section for the top mount and mount that off the roll cage stays.  Next was to get it all mocked up again and start work on the top mounts.

Mockup number 201...

Checking that everything was level before proceeding.

I used the box section and made a lug to weld to the end and the mounting bolt welded to that. A lot of hack-sawing. Then I welded the bolt onto the plate, then welded that to the end of the mounting tube. It will be plenty strong enough as most of the weight is carried by the bottom mount.

 Already to measure up and drill the hole for mounting.

 All done

Side view... not the prettiest, but functional and most importantly legal.


The gap will be filled with a strip of lighter sheet metal, and I plan to do some detailing to help with the looks of the fenders.

Time for start the other mounts and weld the end caps on the top mounts.