Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rear Bumpstops

So the next item on my to do list was the rear bump stops. Since the shock were old and don't have built in ones the Certifer wanted bump stops. After looking around I got some off Trademe.

Next I had to decide on what I was going to make the mounts from. The trusty 25x50 box section was selected. I cut some cardboard out to make the templates required before cutting the steel.

So after making a template / guide on the axle to mark the amount of travel I wanted before the stop was hit, I then started playing around with mount locations and angles

I think this will be perfect ......

Transfer of the template to the box section, ready for lost of hacksaw work....

Hack sawing away.... I found this to be the fastest and easiest way for mounts like this, then hand filing.

Mount one cut out

Ok test fit .... Shit.... due to the location of the newly fabbed Pan hard bar there wasn't enough space to fit the mount..... even after I checked it with the cardboard template. Well it fitted the gap OK but I did allow for the 25mm thickness so I would not be able to blot the pan-hard bar in..... 

So after fiddling and thinking... and a little swearing the decision was to mount at an angle off the corner of the Z frame. This also allowed easier access to do the vertical welds required. I hate welding vertically.

 First welding job was the bottom plate to mount the stops to.

Test fit, Looking good.

Both bottom plates all welded on.
Mounts with the top wedges cut to allow mounting to the chassis.

Tacked onto the frame to check alignment and position before full welds.

Both mounts fully welded in, Pretty darn happy with how it looks. 

 Next steps will be getting the last items on my Certifer checklist done. This requires getting some engineering work done that I cant do,  But shouldn't take to long.