Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Diversity Ground Station

So a couple of months back I finished my diversity ground station. I did take photos of it while building, but not really enough to do a proper build log. I had to redo a few things and forgot to capture those part.

But the upshot is that I now have a very cool ground station.

It runs off a 3s battery, has a master power switch that arms the whole station and has 2 video and power feeds for goggles. One is dedicated to fatshark and is limited to 8v, so with my custom cable I can power the fan on the Dominator v3s.

Each of the power feeds also have there own switch.

For diversity its running the FR632 and uses pig tails to have external SMAs at the top of the lid.
A 7 inch screen for testing and allowing bystanders, and my young daughter / spotter to watch me crash..!!!

Of course lots of little 3D printed parts to make it look clean.

It works extremely well and I'm super happy with the final product.

So if anybody wants more details leave a comment.

Here are a couple of photos.