Saturday, January 2, 2016

Armattan f1-4b Update

After using the F1-4b for a good month I have learnt a few things and completely redid the build from those lessons learnt.

Landed it !!!

Beginner FPV flights

Here is the break down of what I changed.

The major one and I have since gone back and changed this on all my quads is the hard mount of a XT60 to the integrated style PDBs. They work great until you have one or two crashes where a battery is ejected. The pins on the XT60 deform and this then causes a a loose connection. Yes you can just bend then out a little again, but having to do that is a pain and fatigues the pins to the point it will eventually break. I also had momentarily power losses that power cycled the whole quad .... not good when flying !!

So I removed the hard mounted XT60 and then soldered two 25mm lengths of battery lead weighted silicon wire between the XT60 and board. This isn't a new trick and I should have done this from day one.

Now to help prevent the battery cable form wandering into the path of the props I use a large O-ring to hold the lead to the battery strap. Works really well. A rubber band would be just as good.

Next was not a totally necessary one but I wanted brighter rear LEDs. I didnt need the programable ones, its a nice play feature, but I just wanted bright.  Now all the Armattan F1 frames use 30mm standoffs, not the usual 35mm which made for a more challenging problem. 

I wanted to use one of these as they work really well and are super bright, plus I already had a few. But the slots on the Armattan frame are different and if placed inside the rear stand-offs the props hit it. 

So I altered my rear 3D printed bumper and made a top one that held the LED plate outside the frame and also protected it, Worked great. 

Now since I used 35mm standoffs the front camera mount plates were too short, I tried it without them, but that reduced the support for the top plate. Which resulted in to much flex of the 1.6mm carbon top plate. I then designed a 5mm spacer that the camera plates slot onto and is zip tied to the bottom plate. 

With the extra space I was able to mount the VTX at the front and use the provided antenna mount hole instead of the side mounted one I have in the previous build. 

So my current frankenstein build of the f1-4b is now complete, It may not be pretty but is sure is strong and durable, the two things I need as a learner FPVer. 

Here is the link to the 3d files.