Wednesday, October 2, 2013

We have gimbal

After a very long wait for it to arrive I now have a brushless gimbal.  I got this one from GoodLuckBuy. For that price it seemed unbeatable. I paid my money and it took about 4 weeks to get here. I was starting to think that it would not show up. But it did.

It was boxed pretty well.

In the time I had to wait I did a fair amount of reading and searching to make sure that I would know how to set it up. The biggest thing is to make sure its balanced and that you do have a camera or weight on it to balance in the 2axis when you turn it on.

Here it is with my mobius camera, you can see i had to move it out from center to make the gimbal balance, since it was designed for a gopro.

After I did a quick mount of the camera i powered it up and it work great. very happy with the biuld quality.

Next was to mount it the frame. I had to adjust my homemade camera mount. My mount is made from landing rails from a 600heli, fiberglass sheet that I made, rubber tubing and rubber grommets. 

I had to use taller nylon spacer to get enough ground clearance abut after that it was just a matter of zip tying to the rails.

The battery hangs out the back for counter weight to keep the CG in the middle.

I cant wait to get out and fly to see what the video quality will be like. Videos to come.