Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gimbal Modification

After getting playing with my new gimbal for a couple of weeks I wanted to change it from a hanging type to a more horizontal facing gimbal to make it easier to mount on my different quads and reduce its overall weight.

First step was to complete pull apart the gimbal and its parts to try and figure out what was required to change its orientation.

After a bit of playing and experimentation the simplest way was to create a simple right angel out of alloy flat strip. I used the removed parts as templates for the screw holes.   the biggest part os to make sure that with everything together that it was balanced in the pitch&roll axis, otherwise it wont work.

The below image shows the completed gimbal, next I made a simple right angle to mount the gimbal to the control board mounts.

Here its mounted to the quadcopter, with the low profile I can now mount it to any of my quads. 

Here are the bits left over after the mod. 

A small video if with channel  7&8 set to alter pitch and roll.