Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Plan XV : Vtail Quadcopter ESC

The QBrain ESC showed up a couple of days ago so I went ahead and started to figure out the mounting for the VTail quadcopter. The QBrain is not a square and is a little larger than the kk2 board so it makes it a little tricky to fit.

After numerous tries, both with a single plate, with the QBrain on the same layer as the booms and on a separate layer. I finally decided on having it on a separate lay for this build.  It gives me more room to play with, however on the next build... (yes there will be another build taking all my learning from this one) I will aim to reduce the build by one layer.

The Qbrain in its new home. you can see its a tight fit around the nylon spacers.

Building up the build layers, and mocking up the landing gear

Additional holes cut on to the plates to mount the bottom plate that will hold the landing gear and QBrain.

Heli landing gear holes made and bottom plate zip-tied to the landing gear.

Hard to see, but the bottom plate screwed together with nylon standoffs and nylon screws. You can also see the QBrain double-sided taped to the base plate. The double sided tape I used is automotive trim tape.

The frame complete, now waiting on motor mounts and motors.

After crashing the 330mm quadcopter I finally went out and got some foam balls and practice golf balls to provide some extra protection from crashes.

I just cut a slot in the foam balls and pushed them onto the feet on the bottom of the arms.

I then used some 6mm wooden dowel and hot glued the practice balls on to give extra landing protection. This also allows easier skimming on the ground when Im practicing flying in different orientations.