Sunday, August 1, 2010

Speedo cable access and another repaint.

After having to take the brake booster out, I decided that the hole that the speedo cable was slotted through was too small and put the cable on to much of an angle. So I used the trusty angle grinder and a couple of cutting blades to make a larger slot for the cable to go through.

I was a real pain to cut due to the location and with how I had to hold the angle grinder, I was going against the blade rotation, so it kicked a lot.... fun times, but after a lot of frustration I got the two cuts made. Then I bent the tab out allowing for a larger hole for the speedo cable to pass through.

Once I had trimmed and the tab, I then welded over the slots. Once again with the fiddling it took over 2 hours to do this little 5 minute job.

After looking at the paint and wanting to have a really good rust proof  finish I decided to use the self leveling satin black paint I used on the brake booster bracket. To allow this everything had to come off, then sanded, washed and whipped with solvent to remove any grease or grim.

Chassis getting naked

Test area.

Another sand, wash, clean.

Chassis jacked up so I can grovel underneath to paint.

First coat going on.