Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Brake Booster

A very fine day so decided to do a split shift at work so I could spend the afternoon working on the RattyT. Now I thought I did enough work previously on the brake booster and the height in the car and how low it hung in the frame. But the more I looked at it I was too bloody low. So after much debate I decided to see if a brand new small one would do the trick.


So here is it, in its brand new shiny self. The next test was to see if it would fit and work on my master cylinder. With a little bit of fiddling with the mounting hole on the master cylinder it fitted and after doing some adjusting on the booster it worked perfectly. Well as much as I could test on the work bench.

Below is it all together. There is a slight gap between the backing plate on the master cylinder and the booster, but the center flange full seated and everything is lined up.

Now it was time to remove the old booster and mount

Here you can see the size difference.

After drilling the new mounting holes in the mounting bracket it was time to do a test fit.



As you can see from the below photo the small booster will move the bottom of the mount to be above the existing transmission mount. It will no longer be the lowest hanging part of the under carriage.

Here's the top view, you can see the gap between the backing plate and the booster. Ill make a spacer to fill that gap. There is also a O ring missing from the master cylinder flange.

The next job was to shorten the mounting bracket and weld on a new protection base plate. The plate is there to stop the booster from getting hit directly if it was to come into contact with anything.

The finished altered mounting bracket. As you can see even with the bottom plate on it still higher that the transmission mounting sub frame.


Once again the RattyT is completely in bits again.

After a grind and clean up the bracket is painted.


A successful afternoons work.