Thursday, July 9, 2015

ZMR Tricopter UPDATE

So far the ZMR based tricopter has survived a number of hard crashes and nothing major has broken, only props. The only change I made was to epoxy the servo horn on to the 3D printed motor mount as the screw kept coming loose.

Original build :

The next upgrade planned either on the current frame or on a new one is to use the David W mold injected motor mount  which I now have (super fast shipping, and excellent quality) with the recommended Turnigy TGY 210DMH servo.

Two reasons for this is the extra strength and no need for a servo horn as the server slots straight into the molded motor mount.

I had to design a new servo holder as the TGY210DMH is very different to the other servo I used. The tail part of the design stayed completely the same.

All 3D files for both options found here :

Here are a few shots of the redesign using the motor mount from davids tail kit and the TGY 210DMH servo.