Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheap iPad2 Skin

I am now the proud user of an iPad2. I am loving its speed over the iPad. But there is one very frustrating thing I have found here in NZ. Its almost impossible to get a decent rear cover/case to work with a smart cover.


After looking online, in shops I couldn't find one that I really liked, Well any that were stocked here in NZ. I didn't want a bulky cover, and I love the smart cover so investigated sticker skins ... still not a lot of options. There was one company making vinyl stick on covers, but they were expensive.

All the "cover" had to do was protect the bottom of the iPad when put on to hard surfaces. That was all I needed it to do.

Well I though, I will just have to make one myself! So off the the Warehouse, in the hardware section I found what I was looking for. A thick clear tape, Its a Scotch-tape transparent fiber tape.

So after some playing around this was is final result. Not the prettiest, but functional and total cost $12 and 15minutes of my time.