Sunday, November 14, 2010

Handbrake mounting

A slow progress weekend. But still one step forward. I started to mount the handbrake mechanism, once I had it where I thought it would be good I drilled and bolted it to the floor, only to find that the wooden ply floor moved when engaging the handbrake. That wont do .... I thought to myself.

So after a little pondering and trying different things I was able to position it so that I was able to drill and bolt it through the floor and down through one of the steel cross members. This made the mount super strong and  it also provided another body to chassis mount.

First I drilled the holes out on the current mount to take 10mm bolts. I then cut the plate to remove that first two holes. The aren't needed, but that plate that I did cut off made for a perfect packer underneath the wooden floor between the chassis.

Plate cut, ready for some filing and tidy up


Sliding the newly created packer plate into position. It sits between the cross member and the wooden floor. It also adds strength to the other front mount that is only through the wood ply floor.


All in and bolted down. its very secure now and obviously there is not flex at all.

That is all I had time to do over the weekend.