Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vista be gone ....

I have had a long love hate relationship with Vista64. But in the end i have decided to go and live in the MAC world and the land of Leopard. I purchased a second hand Macbook off trade me. its 18months old and isnt the flashest. But it has 3gb ram & 160GB harddive and came with leopard Disks & iLife08.

So how has life been since. Well go a mini-dvi to DVI to run an extra screen. Worked just fine with my viewsonic 21in wide screen (No drivers needed, just pluged it in and it worked).

Next big job was getting all the software I use for the MAC,

Firefox + Foxmarks
Gmail Notifer
VMware Fusion
Google Picasa
Quicktime Pro
Microsoft RDP

I have it pretty well sorted at the moment. Software wise. I am build a XP VM up to run anything that I cant find for the MAC. I still have the Vista64 machine running until I feel that I have everything over that I need.

The biggest issue I have had is moving itunes and getting access to my data. This is due to Leopard by default only able to read NTFS formated drives. All my USB drives were NTFS. I know I could hack the OS to allow it to write NTFS, but didnt want to go that path. So it took forever to move 1TB of data around and reformat drives to Fat32 and move data back. But now back up data is sitting on the Vista64 box, and "live" music & media are on a USB drive connected to the Macbox,

iTunes was a real pain to move and it took a few goes but its now all configured and no loss of data.

So far very happy with the swap, will post more on the experience.